A road trip through Rajasthan

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There is nothing more adventurous than a road trip especially if its one through Rajasthan. As the flight descended on the arid lands of the Pink city, I was welcomed by some hospitable... READ MORE

Refreshing Mojito. …From the Drink station

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Summer brings loads of fun in the form of Sunday brunches, picnics, poolside parties and lazy afternoons on the balconies. A perfect brew to accompany any of these activities is the sunny, refreshing,... READ MORE

Something about Chardonnay!

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  “Women are from Burgundy and men are from Bordeaux …” Wine is an intimidating subject and if you actually get into the statistics, you will find that women cover the larger slice... READ MORE

Starbucks – so what about it ?

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  The largest coffee chain is now in India. Started in the year 1971 in Washington, Starbucks has now expanded all over the world. The first Starbucks coffee shop I visited was in... READ MORE


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