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“So this is it! My very own travel, wine and food website, with a sprinkling of lifestyle, and it has finally surfaced the web. Don’t we all like to explore? Whether they are lavish landscapes, pristine beaches, tranquil mountains, bustling cities, relaxing resorts, delectable cuisine, a glass of chilled Chenin, or just a picnic by the lake, weekend getaway to a farm, we are all looking for that little time to unwind. So come, explore with me. Get a live picture of my travel and culinary escapades. Discover the journey through my photographic lenses. Look-out for travel tips, wine and food pairings, wine reviews, special cuisines and recipes, and much more. So flip ahead for a myriad of experiences. Meet inspiring new realms, browse under a canopy of lifestyles. See what the world has in store for you…” Renu