Destiny Farms, Ooty

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A getaway to another world.

Tucked away amidst the hills

I admit that the trip to Destiny Farms is off the beaten path, but trust me its worthwhile to explore this bit of treasure nestled amidst blue mountains, emerald lakes and sapphire skies.

About 20 kms from the hill station of Ooty (southern India), Destiny Farms takes a bit of a jostling ride through steep mountain terrains before the farm springs up as a surprise.  Breathless from the ride and the dizzy from the captivating natural beauty the sight of the farm unravels slowly as if in a dream.

The farm is lined by wooden cabins and fences on one side, giving way to a slope of sprawling acres of kitchen gardens, strawberry farms, and a ranch.

The fresh mountain air gives life to soil to throw up some fresh organic produce such as crunchy carrots, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, ripe red tomatoes and baby potatoes with the smell of fresh earth.

The farm has the finest breed of cattle, horses, livestock and poultry that you will witness as you pass through the various stables, barns and pens.

I immediately fell for the charms of “Brave heart” – a horse that became my constant companion while exploring the neighboring hills.

As a dreamer, I could not have asked for more. Mornings were spent angling at the fishpond or putting at the golf course after a sumptuous continental breakfast at the farm’s restaurant.

This was followed by lazy and languorous wanderings on horseback through the mountains, stopping occasionally to inhale the fragrance of wild flowers, fresh earth of the riverbed and indulge in some soul stirring photography. Evenings would be spent in the cozy library reading books by the fireplace along with a glass of red wine. The nights were under open starlit skies by a bonfire. I would listen to the crackling embers of wood and charcoal with appetizing aromas of the barbeque and grill. Someone always played the strings on the guitar.

Not everyone is a dreamer. For the adventurer and the brave at heart, the farm has a lot of activities like rock climbing, and zip line to get the adrenalin rushing.

Indoor sports such, as table tennis is also available. A tour of the dairy farm and the ranch is also part of the package. Extended packages include camping by the riverside and a picnic by the lake.

The farm’s restaurant is multi-cuisine. Cozy with warm wooden interiors, French windows overlooking flowering balconies, a bar and fireplace, it gives it that old English charm.

Gorgeous hills, clear blue skies, the emeralds lakes and the warm hospitality of the staff of Destiny Farms definitely make this farm getaway a sheer bliss. You have to go there to experience it!

Destiny Farms, Ooty


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