Go white this summer

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A White Summer!

Go white this summer 2Its summer again and pastel shades are back.  Linen and cotton are the fabric of the season. Breezy pale hues take over the dull greys and browns of winter.

My personal choice is however white – pure, pristine, lacy and innocent! Be it a linen trouser or a lacy sheer blouse, nothing can beat the color so loved by the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Even when it comes to corporate classics, a crisp white shirt coupled with Khaki or beige can do wonders for one’s personality. White is the color of comfort, sophistication and style.

A light silver embroidery done on a white fabric works fabulous for an evening out.  Get a pair of white strappy sandals and a linen bag to complete the look.

Accessorize, with pale silver or platinum jewelry.  Goes well with white again and gives you a cool fluidic feel.Go-White

A minimalistic earthy avatar is the trend of the season.

Bring out the divine Diva in you. After all, you are no less than a Greek Goddess yourself!

Go white this summer!

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