Red Burgundy – smooth as velvet and seductive as red

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2014-08-09 21.54.44Ever since I stumbled upon the magnificent world of wines, I haven’t come across anything more compelling, smooth and seductive as the Red Burgundy (Pinot Noir). A temptress with the promise of the freshness of youth, enchanting aromas, luscious tastes, this wine can steal your heart. A diva of the grape varietals, Pinot Noir is known to be fussy and not easy to grow. Its demanding nature makes it a pure perfectionist, growing only in select regions of the world. The climate preferred is the cool to cold lands of Burgundy France. Every bit of sunshine goes in to develop the complex silky flavors. These grapes have a very thin skin and hence low on tannin, making it easy on the palate. They are dry, acidic with a zip embodied with aromas of red berries and cherries. They may have subtle spicy notes of clove, nutmeg and pepper and pleasing aromas of moist earth. Silky, elegant, balanced and smooth as satin is how one can describe this heartthrob. Start your experimentation with the wines labeled as Bourgogne, France. The grapes come from the Burgundy region. They are affordable and offer the youthful promise of the Pinot. The other regions in Burgundy include Cote d ‘Or, Cote de Nuits & Cote de Beaune.2014-08-10 22.59.19 The more juicer, and riper Pinot Noirs come from Marlborough New Zealand and California. My obsession however still lies with the seductive Burgundy. Pinot Noir is the ultimate wine to pair food with. Its versatility make it pair well with both red and white meats, sweet potato casserole, vegetable stews and wild rice. I tried it with some steamy dim sums and it blended just well. The acidity can cut through spicy dishes and rich cheeses. You can even get saucy with Pinot. Use it as an ingredient for making cranberry sauce or a Maple Glaze. To sum it up, Pinot Noir is complex, fussy, elusive, fickle and yet so smooth and frustratingly obsessive. Intense words indeed but that’s what goes in the making of a Diva. So go ahead and swirl that glass!

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