Starbucks – so what about it ?

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StarbucksThe largest coffee chain is now in India. Started in the year 1971 in Washington, Starbucks has now expanded all over the world. The first Starbucks coffee shop I visited was in Paris at the Louvre Museum in France. I must say the coffee was awesome! Although its an entirely different feeling when you are having coffee under one of the most famous museums in the world. But a lot of credit goes to the coffee too. So I was pretty  excited when I saw the familiar signage as I entered the Orion Mall here in Bangalore. The quick bites on display were pretty much the same as the familiar cookies, the stuffed Ciabattas, Mediterranean sandwiches and cheese cakes I had seen at the Louvre. A few stuffed rolls were also on display; probably to suit the Indian palate. Packaged vitamin water and lemonade were also available. The speakers blared the blues. Refreshing summer beverages in the form of “Triple orange” and “Very berry” gave a sense of relief in the already rising summer heat.

Well, there is nothing like a good cup of coffee. As I took a sip of my latte I relaxed back on the sofa and looked around, I felt  there was really something about Starbucks. Lovely coffee, tantalising to the senses- the dark flavours, the chic ambience, peppy crowd and the accompanying music make it a perfect brew for a Thursday afternoon at the coffee shop.

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  1. I find Starbucks expensive, average coffee. But then I’m one of the ‘buy-select-beans-roast-grind’ snoots :-)

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