Summer Roses

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Chicken Roast with Rose WineLike red wines, rose wines should be made from black grapes. They pair endlessly with a variety of food that makes a perfect brunch for a Sunday morning.

Tapas, green garden salad, seafood of all kinds, roasted chicken, and Moroccan dishes like tagines with khus khus – this wine literally pairs with different styles of cuisine including Indian curries.

The very colour of the rose wine is a fresh substitute to the more serious notes of pure whites and reds. The mellowness and fruit flavours coupled with delicate floral aromas are a pure celebration of the wine itself. Ranging from sweet to off-dry, semi dry and dry, there is always a perfect wine to suit every palate. My favourite recommendation of food pairing would be with the stuffed grilled chicken and fresh garden salad.

The crisp notes of the cherry flavours with underlying hints of pomegranate with subtle fragrance of raspberries make it a perfect combination with the classic marriage of rosemary and lemon flavoured roast chicken. Throw in some roasted bell peppers to create a tsunami of flavours. The freshness, crispness and pure elegance of this brunch are perfect for any occasion.

Points to remember – serve the wine slightly chilled only so as to not destroy the delicate aromas.  Also remember that serving the wine warm is not advisable as it can create some unpleasant odours in the wines. A perfect indulgence for Women’s Day special lunch, I say.

The Rose wine definitely promises a certain twist that is not only a treat to the palate but also the senses.

Go ahead and indulge in some Roses this summer.

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