The Mask of Firenze – Florence, Italy

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FlorenceFlorentine culture has a strong legacy, which dates back to the time of the renaissance. The city echoes with tales of medieval times. Rich with touristic attractions in the forms of churches, chapels, endless museums and galleries, it is s a haven for artists, and a controversial delight for the historian.

It was my first evening in Florence and I headed to the San Lorenzo’s market as I was in a mood for some retail therapy.

As I meandered through the lanes, I was not only be awed by the amazing architectures which speak of fine craftsmanship and glorious design, but also the fashion which the city has spawned. Popular for its leather goods, jewelry, the exquisite accessories made from Murano glass, the San Lorenzo market can be a pure shopper’s delight.

Firenze masks
Masks in a market in Florence

What actually  got me charmed were the Florentine masks.  In varying sizes and shapes, they are a reflection of fine art and inspiring creativity, with reflections of various forms of artwork.

Firenze mask
Meticulously sequined and etched with silver, gold, bright colors and elaborate feathers, every mask carried the tale of the unique craftsmanship that goes behind in the making. I was spoilt for choice amidst the endless sea of color, glitter and expressions. I finally bought one, which now proudly adorns one my walls at home.

Someday it will make for a perfect accessory in a masquerade ball, I think.





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