This summer – Love is in the hair

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argan-oilWith summer approaching fast you might have to give some extra care for your tresses. The strong rays of the sun, the exasperating dry heat plus or minus the humidity can damage your hair in many ways.

Hydration is the key. Apart from drinking 8 glasses of water, include fruits with high water content.  Water melons, cantaloupes, juicy oranges not only add to the hydration but also provide the necessary Vitamins. Have a bowl of fresh garden salad with juicy tomatoes and cucumbers.

Do not neglect your hair and scalp.  Keep your scalp clean from dirt, sweat and oil.  Periodic washes with mild shampoos especially after workouts or a sweaty day in the sun is necessary. Protect and hydrate with a hydrating conditioner. Use a hair mask once a week.

Ever wonder why Moroccan women have such beautiful hair? Well here is the secret – its Argan oil.

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree in Morocco. It contains Vitamin E, fatty acids, carotenes and resorcinol.  The age old formula has been used for centuries, as a source of antioxidants for hair and skin.

The Argan oil is incorporated into a lot of hair products today.

From shampoos to conditioners, hair masks and serum, trust me, it really pamper your locks. Deliciously fragrant it provides hydration, nourishment and balance, keeping your hair voluminous, bouncy and radiant.

After a relaxing hair wash and conditioning, randomly spray the strands of hair with healing Argan oil spray. This locks the moisture in the cuticles. You are now all set to style and set your hair.

You needn’t fear the summer sun anymore. Your hair is now ready to capture the rays of the sun as it reflects them with radiance and shine. Go flaunt your shinning glory.

All it takes is some Argan oil.

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