Wonderful Wien, Austria

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Wonderful Wien (Vienna)…The land of strudel and schnitzel!

Cityscape ViennaThe breath taking view of Vienna from the aircraft is something un-forgettable. The distant Alps with glistening snow covered peaks and the valley below with just a hint of spring, Vienna is a city perfectly nestled on both sides of the blue Danube.

As we left the airport, we gasped!  I am not sure if it was because of the cold or the panoramic view that lay ahead, or just the feeling that we had finally made it. The snow had just melted it seemed. The roads were spotless and the air was crisp – Our day 1 in Wien had just begun.

Wien is an urbanized city with fashion at its best.

Even amidst the modern architectures & lifestyles, we saw surprising pop ups of historical reminders, so well preserved, I found them so alive!

The Schonbrun palace still seemed to echo of the sounds of royalty. The audio tour was so real; it almost felt as if I was taken back in time. The carriages drawn by the horses still occupied the courtyards.

Every room had a story to tell. I could almost hear the footsteps and chatter of the children or the bustling of the parlour maid

s and butler. I was in a time warp. In all its splendor and glory that the palace seemed to be, it still gave me a feeling of imprisonment and loss of freedom.

Graben Vienna
Graben Vienna

To experience the hustle and bustle of daily life, all you have to do is run off to the commercial and happening part of the city called the ” Graben “. From Swarovski to Zara to Louis Vuitton, this street is

a mixture of ancient buildings transformed to modern stores. The locals seem to be in rush hour of living the Vida loca.

Street eating in the local bistros and cafes seemed to be the order of the day.

How can I not mention the Nash market – a place buzzing with vendors.  Stop for some juicy strawberries, a platter of cheese and salad, or grilled fish accompanied by a glass of white wine. Tuck into some warm apple strudel as well! Lovely lunch I must say!

We did say goodbye to Vienna after a back – breaking walk of the city, as we crossed the Karlskirch, the State Opera, the Hofburg palace, and the umpteen museums.

That evening when we finally headed to the station, to catch the train to Salzburg, I was missing Vienna already.



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